Luberon is an ideal area for the practice of many sport activities, like horse riding, mountain biking, climbing, air or water sports...

         Paradise of the hikers, the Luberon is crossed by many marked out paths, easy access, which allows to discover the hidden countryside by walking, mountain biking or horse riding in full safety.  Small picturesque bike roads, marked informative panels (no need for map!) cross splendid landscapes.

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Water sports



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      25 ponies and horses are available for our guests (confirmed riders only).


      It is recommended to hold in advance the horse according to your weight and of your experience).

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       The Shetlands ponies are an ideal way to carry your children by holding the pony in longe. There is no need to be confirmed, you have to know only how to put the  tackle (Yves will show you the first time if necessary). The pony can even carry your picnic.  




    From Les Laurons , there are many possibilities for hiking. Provided with a plan that Yves will give you on your request, you can discover the paths of the surroundings. No chance to mislay you. You will find reference marks as Yves marked the paths for you! Our hosts staying in Viens can follow the yellow signs on the loop which starts from the village (3 km, duration of the excursion: 1h 30) which will make them discover the astonishing architecture of the bories.

    If you wish to take part in organized pedestrian excursions, you can call upon:

Transhumance - Tel.: 0490955781;

Détours - Tel.: 0490838961;

Les Sentiers d'Evasion en Provence - Tel.: 0490084889.


        From Apt , hiking to the Julien Bridge (built in the IInd century. J.-C. on " via Domitia " which bound Arles to Milan).  
Leave your car in the sporting complex of Bosque (3rd turn around from Apt to Avignon) - parking 100 places.
Follow the yellow features.
Duration of the excursion: 3 hours.
Distance: 12 km.



        For the hikers who are fond of nature, many circuits are proposed. Throughout the route, panels " Relais Information Service " inform on the routes, the snack bars, the coffees, the restaurants of the neighbourhoods.  

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        Many water activities are possible around Les Laurons, from the simple bathe in the swimming pool or in a lake to the canoe-kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, canoeing... The sea is not very far from Les Laurons: Marseilles, Cassis, Camargue:1h 30 by car).

     Swimming pools

On site, at "Les Laurons" : 2 private swimming pools for "Le Mas" and "La Remise", and 3 shared pools for the other houses.
Public pools: 
Rustrel (5 km far from Les Laurons),  July 1 - August 31, 11h-19 H;
Saint Martin de Castillon (6 km far from Les Laurons), July 18 - August 25, 10h-18h;
(10 km far from Les Laurons),  August - July;
Viens (7 km far from Les Laurons)
Apt (10 km far from Les Laurons) June 27 - August 29, 10h-19h.




Apt, June 12 - September 12, 10h 30-19h 30;
Castellet (Tel.: 0490752166);
Cucuron (Tel.: 0490772837);
Buoux (Tel.: 0490740765);
Isle sur Sorgue (Tel.: 0490380478).
Verdon (1h by car from Les Laurons)




    Canoe-kayaking : Apt, Isle sur Sorgue, Verdon Windsurfing: Apt, Verdon

Fishing: in Apt ( Tel.: 0490048541), Isle sur Sorgue, Verdon


        In Verdon you can also do water skiing, rafting, jumps with the rubber band and cruises.



        You can play tennis to the hotel St Paul situated close to the Viens village (7 km far away of Laurons), and also in Apt - 10 km far away from Les Laurons (Tennis Club Aptésien , Tel.. 0490741964, Lake , Tel.. 0490048541), Bonnieux , Saint Martin de Castillon, Cucuron ...



        You can practise your favorite sport on the cliffs of Buoux, on the Rocher des Abeilles in Saint Martin de Castillon (2 km of " Les Laurons "), on the Colline St Jacques in Cavaillon , on the Bridge Julien / Bosque , on cliffs of Oppède le Vieux , at the edge of the Durance to Mirabeau (information : Tel.. 0490741723 or 0490048055)



        You can fly over Luberon in balloon or make parapente.

    Overflight in the montgolfier
Provence en balloon - Roussillon , Tel.: 0490056146
Montgolfier en Provence - Joucas , Tel.: 0490057677
  Rustr'aile Colorado, Tel.: 0490049653



        You can practise this sport to Apt (Archers du Pays d'Apt, tel. 0490742574; the Lake, Tel.: 0490048541; Tir Club Aptésien, Tel.: 0490741066), in Cadenet, Lauris and Lourmarin (Arc Club Luberonais, Tel.: 0490561599).



        Several courses of golf exist in the surroundings between 40 and 60 km. For more information, please visit:

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